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The outside appearance of your home or business is the first thing that guests notice when visiting. The siding on your property in Kansas City also serves as your primary protection from the outdoor elements. Choosing among siding options that not only enhance the appearance of your property, but defend it against all types of weather and provide energy savings too, is the main goal of Dream Home Exteriors siding specialists.

When is it Time to Change the Siding on my Home?

As an experienced siding contractor in Kansas City Dream Home Exteriors installs siding that also takes care of any structural repair requirements due to worn out siding that may weakened the structural integrity of your home or business in Kansas City. Noticeable signs that indicate it is time to change siding include leaking around windows, water along sills and other forms of structural damage that can be promptly upgraded with an array of siding options available today.

Choose From Among a Range of Siding Options

Wood Siding

One of the most traditional and appealing siding options for a home in Kansas City, Dream Home Exteriors wood siding can be installed in shingles, wood planks, boards or panels and is available in a variety of textures and finishes that may sometimes be installed over existing siding in some cases.

Aluminum and Steel Metal Siding

Low-maintenance and with a long popular history as a siding that is low cost, aluminum steel siding is available in horizontal and vertical strips or shingles that allow for secure installation made easier with the latest built-in interlocking edges. Quality manufacturer applied finishes provide ultimate rust protection and durability.

Fiber Cement Siding

Dream Home Exteriors offers the latest technology in cement siding made that is long lasting, easy to install and the most eco-friendly siding option available in Kansas City. Made from recyclable materials, cement fiber siding is now produced by major manufacturers and designed to perfectly replicate the fine detail of wood siding without the same extensive maintenance requirements.

Vinyl Siding

Dream Home Exteriors offers a wide selection of vinyl siding color combinations in a variety of textures that give the appearance of wood and shingles styles. Cost effective and easy to clean and maintain, manufacturers and industry experts agree that installing vinyl siding must be carried out by a professional siding contractor in Kansas City to avoid warping.

Painting Vinyl Siding vs. Replacing It

A practical solution for Kansas City homeowners who prefer to paint rather than replace vinyl siding made possible by today’s technologically advanced products and the siding repair expertise of Dream Home Exteriors professionals. Our siding maintenance team is equipped with top quality products specifically formulated for painting vinyl siding that will restore worn out vinyl with a durable and attractive smooth finish.

Siding Repair

Dream Home Exteriors also provides expert repair and maintenance on the aluminum and vinyl siding of your home or commercial building in Kansas City. If the siding has become worn down or damaged our experienced team of siding specialists provide free repair estimates and practical advice to help you make informed decisions about exterior property maintenance.

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