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Serving Kansas and Missouri Metropolitan Areas

If you are looking for a high-quality window installation service that will avoid crooked frames, leaks, drafts, and condensation, look no further. Over the years, the window contractors at Dream Home Exteriors have perfected the art of window installation for home and business owners in the area.
If you are in the market for window installation services, our general contractors have gotten window installation down to a science. Get in touch with us by calling (816) 695-5735 now.

Consistent and Reliable Window Contractors

Unlike other window companies, our team has keen experience and regular training, allowing us to install the most attractive, practical, efficient windows in the area. Your home’s resale value will soar, along with its curb appeal. Your heating and cooling bills will plummet, and your property will be more secure than ever before.

Whether you live in a new build or a century-old home, or you are looking to replace a single window in your business, we can’t wait to work with you.

Detailed Assessments

and Accurate Estimates

We provide a comprehensive assessment before putting together an accurate estimate. Then we rough out the opening, fit the window, seal, shim, fasten and install flashing for airtight, water safe windows.

Whatever you envision for your property, we have the products and services to make it happen. You’ll reap the benefits for decades!

The Best Window Installation Company for All Properties

Installing commercial windows requires a different skill set than residential installations. Luckily, Dream Home Exteriors specializes in both.

The primary difference between commercial and residential windows is the thickness of the glass, the increased tempering, and glazing. The installation process, however, remains the same.

Call Dream Home Exteriors

for Long-Lasting Window Installations

At Dream Home Exteriors, we strive to bring you an enjoyable, stress-free experience that delivers long-lasting results.

Whether you are looking to install new windows in your private home or your business space, Dream Home Exteriors is the window installation contractor for the job.

Get in touch with us and set up a consultation today!

Wide Range of Window Installations

We can accurately install the following windows in your home or business:

Unsure of what kind of windows would function best for your home or business? Our talented team of window experts can explain your options and help you make the right choice.

Window Installation

Commercial Properties

With our service, you will reap the benefits of well-installed windows, including reduced energy use year-round, improved security, and enhanced curb appeal. Our team is fully licensed, certified, and will provide you with reliable installation and lasting results.

We offer a lifetime labor warranty and honor the manufacturer’s warranty.

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